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Ignite your imagination with Ignite Artistry by Kelsi. Specializing in Fine Art, photography, and graphic design, we can meet nearly all of your artistic needs! Whether portraits for your family or business, or an entire brand development, we can work with you to design exactly what you need! We are located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida.

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Without patrons, we wouldn't have much of the art we know well today. Shakespeare, Da Vinci and Mozart all had patrons for their work, and it allowed them to continually create their work, without financial hindrance. If you love someones work, and want to see them grow as artists, you can help them by being a patron. Not just purchasing from them, but by actively helping them by financially support their cause. 

What I've decided to do is offer subscriptions to anyone who wants to help support my work, and my growth, as an artist. I have a million ideas, a sketchbook full and growing everyday, but am limited by the need for models, props, locations and permits. You see, I pay my models, buy and create my own props, and permits on interesting locations can get costly- but I love my work and want to continue putting out amazing and positive stories for those that have started to follow me on my journey. So, if you'd like to support my journey, please review the subscription options and fill out the form below to start. Join me on my journey, and help me continue to put out positive art in todays world. Thank you very much or your time and consideration.I truly appreciate it.

Loving regards, Kelsi Adams


Subscriptions can be for yourself, or a gift for a loved one!

The Explorer

$24 for the year, gets 10% off code for my online store, as well as purchases made in person for the whole year!

The Traveler

$10 per month (billed per month, or one time) receives a 20% off code for my online store and in person (for the whole year!), and the artist card of the month- blank for you to give or send to whomever, or simply collect for yourself!

The Aristocrat

$25 per month (billed per month or one time) receives the 20% off code for my online store and in person (yes, the whole year), the monthly art card, special emails with behind the scenes content showing projects your subscription has helped create, and a special gift at the end of each year! (*special gift could be a one of a kind work of surprise art, canvas, or code for a free item from my store. An email in November will tell you or give you the option to choose when available). 


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