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Originals - An Understanding of What Original Means

‘Originals’ by definition actually varies depending on the medium used to create it. Paintings are 100% one of a kind when created, but my work closely resembles that of professional printers, who create printing plates and then ‘reproduce’ their plates with prints. When purchasing from artists such as myself, you will never be able to purchase an ‘original’ by a painters’ standard because the ‘original’ does not exist in the same physical form that a painting exists. Only reproductions exist. 

With that in mind, I wanted to find balance between photographic reproductions and originals. Here is what makes my work unique: 

The Creation Process:

Every image begins with a concept sketch, followed by me hand picking my models, props and wardrobes to be used in each piece. My work is created by photographing these details, plus landscapes, textures, handmade elements I’ve created and other various elements, which I then carefully blend together to create new and unique compositions and storylines. Yes, I do use Adobe Photoshop as one of my tools in creating, but it does not ‘do the work for me’. I am in complete control from start to finish.

Each Image takes me from shoot to printing, anywhere from 24 hours to 6 months, and as little as 3 images up to 37 individual images. When collecting from me, you are collecting a work of dedication and love.

The Artwork

Purchasing an Original

My ‘originals’ are limited editions of 10 or fewer, printed on a fine art canvas and hand embellished with an archival varnish for esthetic and longevity (100+ years if cared for properly). Some of my work includes encaustic waxes as well. I do all of my own printing, embellishing and framing on my originals. Every piece is personally numbered and signed. When purchasing a canvas, you are purchasing a unique and quality work of art made directly by me. When purchasing one of my fine art canvases, you’re purchasing an ‘original’ collectors edition. 

Purchasing Reproductions

My ‘reproductions’ are prints on photographic paper of various sizes and are limited to runs of 250 per image. I sell two sizes at festivals and physical locations, which are matted. Online orders have a wider range in available sizes from my print lab partner, are not matted and are shipped directly to you from the lab. *Note: My cards are only available in person, but online orders may order card sized prints (5x5).

Recently Added: Encaustic Reproductions, which I lovingly call my ‘Smalls’. I have recently began creating 4x4 and 5x5 canvas prints, mounted to a painter’s canvas, adding a layer of encaustic wax over the face of the canvas. The wax adds unique textures, patterns and allows me to hand carve into each piece, enhancing my work’'s appearance. Perfect for small spaces, personal gifts, and the collector, I highly recommend my encaustic smalls. These little beauties start at $30 +shipping.

To purchase in person, you may find Kelsi’s work at: 

Festival schedule:


Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts Festival, Gulf Breeze, FL- March 23-24, 2019


LeMoyne Chain of Parks, Tallahassee, FL- April 27-28, 2019


Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, Fernandina Beach, FL- May 3-4, 2019


The Nashville National Fine Art Festival, Franklin, TN- June 8-9, 2019

Further Dates will be listed.

Palafox Market Schedule: 

June: 15th & 29th

July: 13th & 27th

August: 10th & 24th

September: 7th & 21st

Further Dates will be listed.

Or Purchase prints and originals from:

Blue Morning Gallery 

21 S. Palafox Place, Pensacola, FL 32566

Open 7 days a week

Please Contact Kelsi directly with specific requests. Most things can be made to order.