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Ignite your imagination with Ignite Artistry by Kelsi. Specializing in Fine Art, photography, and graphic design, we can meet nearly all of your artistic needs! Whether portraits for your family or business, or an entire brand development, we can work with you to design exactly what you need! We are located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida.


What you see here is 'Cyanotype' photography; a process discovered by John Frederick William Herschel in the 1840s. Herschel inspired his young friend, Anna Atkins to illustrate her botanical studies with cyanotype photograms. Three volumes of her book 'Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions, represent the earliest examples of books illustrated with photogenically produced images. 

Cyanotype paper is paper coated with a special iron-based chemical. When exposed to sunlight, a chemical reaction occurs and causes the beautiful transformation you see here. 

Shells and Sealife


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