Ignite by Kelsi

Fine Art

Fine Art by Kelsi Adams

Fine Art by Kelsi Adams

Artist Statement

Children view the world, not as how it is, but as how it should be. Everything is an adventure, everything is more exciting. Everything has a story, and if it doesn’t, children make up a story for it. In my work, I embrace my childhood imagination to create worlds and heroes that defy challenges, time and space. 

My goal with my art is to ignite your imagination once more, just as you would have as a child. I want it to inspire and remind you that we are the heroes of our own lives, and we control how we view the world. There is beauty in the ordinary, and a story in everything. Allow your self to imagine the ‘impossible’. 

From concept, to photographing the nuts and bolts, to creating the final image, and then completing each, unique mount, a single piece of art can take me about a month to create from start to finish. I use a variety of stains, paints, dyes and resins to create my mounts, or ‘boxes’ as they’ve been called, and I take great pride in knowing that each box is unique from another. I sign every box I complete, with many of them being in limited editions of 25 or 50.