Ignite by Kelsi


Installation Art

I'm a selfish artist, because I like to touch and that's a big 'no-no' in the formal galleries... In 2014, I started playing around with installation art. While installation artwork takes a considerable amount of time and effort, the results can truly be fun. In the process of some of my installations, I discovered the parts of art that I enjoyed the most. From what inspired me to what stimulated me the most, and it led me down the rabbit hole to the adventures I create today. 


Please excuse the mess! Images are currently being updated and will be available soon!



Peephole is a peek into a private room. The one you've lock away, far in the back of your mind; it's the room that you fill with all your dirty thoughts. Dimly lit, you can only slide your viewer slowly from one side of the room to the other, offering just a glimpse of what's inside. Enjoy. 

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Eugene Burroughs

Eugene Burroughs was eighty-one when he received the last letter from Margaret. He hadn't heard from her for decades, and even then he was never sure it was her. He grew up in Tuscaloosa, AL and joined the Navy as a photographer during WWII. But the things he photographed, the Navy had buried deep from public view. Gene kept what he could from his travels, and he locked them in a metal filing box and forgot about them until that last letter. What an amazing journey Eugene's life had been. 

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