Ignite by Kelsi

Ignite your imagination with Ignite Artistry by Kelsi. Specializing in Fine Art, photography, and graphic design, we can meet nearly all of your artistic needs! Whether portraits for your family or business, or an entire brand development, we can work with you to design exactly what you need! We are located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida.


The birth year of photography is 1839. In 2017, that makes photography 178 years old, and it's changed the face of this planet. Photography is this amazing tool that we all tend to take for granted. There are a million different kinds and styles of photography, and it is the fastest changing medium in the art world. I have spent 7 years in photography, and I've tried a million different things. Here are the galleries to a lot of my history as a photographer and an artist. A lot is old, yet a lot is new. Please enjoy. 

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